About Us

Who are we?

A local Central Coast family run business. The only locally owned hobby store and hub on the coast. I have had a love for hobbies and cars since I can remember. Building and fixing things is a passion. I have opened this business to share with others my passion for hobbies such as radio controlled vehicles and building model displays.

What is our purpose?

To create something more than a retail shop. A hub for people young and young at heart to gather together to learn, share knowledge and grow. When you buy a product with us there is help and support so you get the most out of the new hobby item. It is a place where people can share their interest in hobbies and bring people together.

For children – Grow creativity, fine motor skills and enjoy art and building

For Teens – Establish a hobby and place where they can build social skills with like minded individuals

For Adults – Allow them to be a kid again and have an hobby and outlet. Be able to learn new skills and meet new people.

Contact Us

If you are interested in a workshop or an activity please contact us.